The Mulberry Wing

Photographic Guide to Moths of the New York Area 2004 Steve Walter 

Given the printed guides available for moth identification, I believe that ultimately my own picture collection may be my best aid to identifying future finds. To that end, a useful format is key. This is a crack at it -- related species and variations of such brought together in one place. I designed this primarily for my own benefit, but am able to share it on the web. Consequently, the pages are 3 pictures wide (individuals not necessarily shown to scale). A resolution of at least 1024x768 and a fast connection will help you enjoy these pages. For some it may be cumbersome to load and view, but again, this was put together for my benefit. On any given page, I'm sure some of the IDs are correct, some may be wrong, and some I just left blank. If anyone has any wisdom to share, I'd love to hear from you ( ). Note that on each page there is a reference number for each picture. Use that along with the name of the page to correspond on the picture.