Rare Butterflies in New York 2013 Steve Walter 

Marine Blue  (Leptotes marina)

Range: Southwestern United States and Mexico, often straying northward in late summer. Rare  to South Dakota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ontario. A remarkable movement took place in 1993 that brought individuals to Ohio, Ontario (where breeding occurred), and both west and east ends of New York.

New York Records:

29 August 1993, Fort Tilden, Queens co.

This individual is the only Marine Blue record from the Atlantic seaboard. It was first seen flying to, then nectaring on White Sweet Clover. It was captured and taken home by John Zuzworsky for photographing. This was the best picture taken before the butterfly escaped. This image was digitally captured and edited from a print of the original.       

25 July 1993, Erie co. (near Buffalo) NY
Observed by Robert Anderle.