Rare Butterflies in New York 2013 Steve Walter 

Dainty Sulphur  (Nathalis iole)

Range: Florida north into Georgia, west to east Texas. Regularly north to Kansas, irregularly north to South Dakota, Manitoba, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Michigan. A rare stray eastward with records in Ohio, Ontario, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

New York Records:

25 October 2000 
Fort Tilden, Queens co.

Observed and photographed by Steve Walter.

unknown date 1927 near Poughkeepsie
"There is an older record from F. Martin Brown for the Bear Mountain State Park area... specimen at British Museum (Natural History) = The Natural History Museum, London: Collected in 1927 near Poughkeepsie, NY, by N. Riley & F. M. Brown (record via Robert Michael Pyle, who saw the specimen -- Bob has a special interest in outlier records of this sulphur.) First known New York State record. (Arthur) Shapiro didn't know about it before 1974, and neither did Carolyn Klass and I for our updated NYS Butterflies list of 1992 in "Learning about Butterflies." (Robert Dirig). Consequently, there was no mention of this species in Shapiro's 1971 publication The Butterflies and Skippers of New York State .