Rare Butterflies in New York 2013 Steve Walter 

Brazilian Skipper  (Calpodes ethlius)

Range: Florida north to southeast Virginia, west to California, south to Argentina. Emigrates northward along the coast in fall. A rare stray with records in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ontario, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Nebraska.

New York Records:

1 October 2009 
Jones Beach State Park, Nassau co.

Observed and photographed by Rich Kelly.

7 May 2012 
Central Park, New York co.

Found by Nick Wagerik and photographed by Pat Dubren.

Arthur Shapiro (The Butterflies and Skippers of New York State, 1971): "A rare stray or introduction on Long Island (1911, 1912?) and at Albany (1893); no modern records. A possible sight record in Putnam County subsequently.